Beauty Tip #1 How to deal with your Oily skin & Makeup!


So if you’re like me and when you figured out what skin type you were, and were devastated to realize you are an oil monster, do not panic, I can help. My face feels the need to betray me as well and go passed the dry and normal skin or even combination and go straight for the oil. I am mostly oily on my T-zone, meaning my middle forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin. My symptoms of oily skin aren’t so bad in the winter time, as most, but when it comes to summer…I basically look like my face could crisco a pan! If you are experiencing the same kind of ordeal then have I got some tips for you!

-First off, before applying makeup always remember to wear an oil-free moisturizer. Keeping your skin moisturized is very important for keeping healthy young skin.

-Wear a primer! Without wearing one the foundation will only sink into your pours and can add to making your face look oilier, plus primers help create a protective layer over your pours, preventing them from producing a lot of oil.

-You can look for some foundation that are known for having mattefying affects. One of my favorites is the Kat Von D Tattoo Lock-it-in foundation. These foundations do not dry dewy, but have a matt finish. Dewy settling foundation tend to make your face look glossy and give it a healthy glow. Since I have oily skin a dewy foundation would worsen the effect and make my skin look wetter. If you have oil buildup it is best to go for a mattefying foundation, that quickly dries and leaves no shine.

-Always set your foundation with a powder! This is very important, because a powder finish sets the liquid foundation and makes it transfer resistant. This means your foundation wont come off if your face rubs up against anything such as your boyfriends face when you kiss, or your napkin when you wipe your mouth. On top of this, a powder finish will allow your makeup to stay where it is. If you don’t use one, in the summer, your makeup most likely will heat up as your sweat and tend to melt off your skin and look quite cakey. Using a loose or compressed powder and a kabuki brush will set the foundation and keep you looking matt and not shinny all day long! I like to use Cover girl powder compacts.

-Blotting sheets have become my savior! I like to use the Elf brand ones, they are only a $1. Blotting sheets are easy to store in your purse, and if you feel you are getting oily through out the day you can just take one out, and press onto parts of your face and abstract the oil, but not smudge the makeup underneath.

-Also, drink water and keep cool! The same air is hot and as it raises so wont your temperature. SO keep hydrated and in the cool air, or even wear a cute hat! This will keep you from sweating and having your makeup run down your checks!

-You can also try some refreshening toners, there are some out there that are pore minimizing an help reduce the affects of oil on your skin.

-Remember to wash your face at night and cleanse the oil off as well, as best as you can. Excess oil, makeup, and dirt can cause clogged pours and none of us want that, hello zits!

I hope that these tips help you out and gave yours some ideas on how to deal with oil crazed skin! If you have any more tips leave some below and tell me what you do to stop the oil. Thanks for reading and love always Pearlsnheels ❤


4 thoughts on “Beauty Tip #1 How to deal with your Oily skin & Makeup!

  1. Hello there! This article is very helpful for me. I suffer from an oily and easily-get-sweaty face and it also doesn’t help that our country’s temperature can be very scorching hot. I’ve been using liquid foundation and it does help a lot. Speaking of Primers, have you ever tried Elf Primer? I read a lot of great reviews on it but I hesitate to get one because of its ingredients one of which is that it is said to be ‘silicone based’. Love to hear your opinions. Thanks for this wonderful article. kisses, roro 🙂

    • Hey there, I totally understand your situation, I too have an extremely oily skin type! I know it is hard to cover your face with foundation when your skin just wants it to melt of haha! I personally have not tried the elf primer, but I do love their products. I will definitely pick it up and give it a go, but I like to use the NYC Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer, it is not silicone based and works incredibly on oily skin! As well, it also minimizes the look of your pours which is nice and you can buy it at CVS for I think around $5 which is great for an oz. of product! I will probably be putting up a review on it soon as well, I am glad you enjoyed the post, thanks so much for reading 🙂 xoxo Pearlsnheels

      • Oh the NYC Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer sounds very good. I would love to try this one out. Great advice. Yes I look forward for your review on it! Thanks Pearlsnheels! kisses from roro

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