Quick Post: How to Apply Falsies

Great Post! Very Helpful! 🙂 I Always Mess Up When Putting On My Falsies!

The Crimson Stiletto

Well, er, it’s not Saturday. I had a crazy busy weekend (also just a crazy weekend for personal reasons lololol). But I’m here now!

As a certain explanation, I’ve been really into lip products recently — don’t ask me why, because I hate my lips and most lip products — actually, maybe that IS why — but didn’t want to do two in a row. While I sat here frantically thinking, “what can I post about that has zero photo requirements because it’s like 90 degrees and I look a mess?” I suddenly thought about falsies.

False lashes, that is. (Is there another type of falsie?) On at least two occasions in the past week, I’ve had people comment on my false lashes (which I only wear out at night, by the way — as much as I adore them, for me they feel like a little bit much during…

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