Best Vampy OPI Nail Polish


Just threw on one of my favorite OPI polishes in “William, tell me about OPI”
This is the perfect dark toned nail polish that is not just plain black. It finished with a sweet dark red undertone and gives a very vampy look. What shade of OPI is your favorite?  Let me know in the comments 🙂      Love always Pearlsnheels

6 thoughts on “Best Vampy OPI Nail Polish

  1. I love OPI Black Cherry Chutney and the discontinued La Boheme. I would love to know of a colour that is close to La Boheme because my bottle is old and will run out eventually… 😦

    • Awe I hate when that happens, it seems that the best colors are always discontinued… you should try to find it on eBay or drugstore .com even though its discontinued you might be able to find some bottles lying around somewhere 🙂

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