MORE RANDOMNESS…Help me choose a phone case?!

So this is so random, I know, but I just bought a new phone for myself, and I want to buy a cute case for it. There are so many amazing looking ones out there, that I simply can’t choose! I have narrowed it down to a couple of my favorites, and was wondering if you could comment and tell me which one I should get. I know this isn’t a huge life changing decision, but hay money is money, and I really can’t choose they are all so amazing! :0 and I really shouldn’t buy more than one lol Ain’t nobody got money fo’ dat’!

Many people think animal cases are bulky and weird looking, which they are, but I have picked up the fever for them. They are so cute and fun, and are actually very protective of your phone because they cover so much with a thick plastic.

I will appreciate any feedback, and would love some help choosing, I am a tech junkie so I love getting all the bells and whistles for my electronics :p

Here is the one’s I want…now which one should I get?

Pooh Bear?


Pink Minnie Mouse?


Cute Little Stitch?


Nerdy Hello Kitty?

Or should I get a pretty crystal case like this one?



P.S If you guys have the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, let me know what you think about the phone and if you like it! 🙂

Thanks for reading, and the help! Love always Pearlsnheels ❤


12 thoughts on “MORE RANDOMNESS…Help me choose a phone case?!

  1. I had the Stitch case for a year, it was large but incredibly durable so definitely worth it on that note. You can plug headphones in as long as there’s no curve to the plug and it’s not too thick (iphone earbuds work!). The only problem I had with it was the ears, they broke and I ended up pulling them out (it was still cute, I got a ton of compliments). It’s not terribly well made but it lasted me a year which is about the time that I get sick of cases so it worked out. Just so you know 🙂

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