Distant Love…5 Relationship tips for long distant lovers!

tumblr_kwq037vyph1qak6kio1_500 Hey there beauty lovers here is a different approach to my normal posts! My boyfriend and I are almost to our anniversary of four years! We are very much in love and happy and it has inspired me to create this post! Since we started dating, my boyfriend and I have been living and going to college in different states and it has definitely been hard, but so worth it. I know many of you have significant others that live way further than an hour or two away but these tips apply to all living apart, or as just dating tips in general! 🙂

1) Be loyal. This one comes as an obvious, but there are a lot of unfaithful people out there. Treat your partner how you would like to be treated. Don’t be flirting, seeing, or talking to any other person behind your lovers back. Be faithful to yours, and be real with them. If you stray or aren’t interested anymore then break it off, cheating  just causes more heart ache on both people’s end. It is a waste of time and effort in a relationship if someone is unhappy enough to cheat.

2) Be open and honest! When there is distance between any relationship, it can call for miscommunication and misunderstanding. Through texting, talking, or whatever you can never really know what are the intentions or tone that your other is speaking with. It is always better to call, or better yet video chat and really communicate fully especially with fighting or serious matters. Let them know how you are feeling, but as well how they are. Distance can cause an emotional toll on people, so it’s good to check in with one another.

3) Don’t freak out over the little stuff. This goes with choosing your battles. If you find yourselves fighting over something positively stupid, then drop it. Ask yourself if the fight your having is really worth the tie and energy in your relationship. Fight the big ones, and loose the ones that are for nothing. Constant bickering on top of distance is a sure way to drift apart.

4) Trust them, not cause them. Trust me, this is a lesson I had to learn. It doesn’t matter how much you trust your love, sometimes when their far away and you don’t talk and see each other as much, your imagination can run wild! You think oh they will find someone better than me, or are at some girls (or boys) house and aren’t staying faithful. This can cause you to panic a little and feel vulnerable. I am saying if they love you and you can trust them then you can learn to calm down. You don’t need to constantly be texting them being like where are you, who are you with, ect. Learn to let go and trust them or it can cause you guys to fight and develop un grounded trust issues.

5) Keep Current. Don’t just text all day long. Spice things up, and loose the boring to word texts! Skype, Instagram, snap chat, late night call, anything to keep up with your loved one. Talking through type only goes so far, but seeing them and hearing them or even getting silly face snap chats really can help you both feel like they never left.

Some Extras!

-My boyfriend and I write each other letters whether they are hand written or on an email. Just knowing they took that extra time to write you something long and sappy really is sweet!

-We are both artists so we draw each other pictures! This is something very personal and thoughtful, if you can’t draw then bake them some food, or play them online in a video game! Get creative!

-Keep a picture. My boyfriend has our prom picture on his desk where he is, and I have one of us together on my night stand. Little ways of remembrance is great for relationships.

-Enjoy the time you have together. If you get a weekend or whatever to see one another, don’t spend it sleeping in late or in a bad mood. Plan ahead and do some fun activities wheat he fit is baking a nice dinner together or getting an espresso and reading some books at Barnes and Nobles the possibilities for bonding are endless!

-Look forward to something. Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, big events, vacations, all things you do together! If you have something coming up you are going to do together plan and talk about it and the time from then and the get together will fly by and get you excited! Love each other and listen and you will have a long an amazing time with whomever your heart is with. If you have any questions or comments let me know down below 🙂 Love always Pearlsnheels ❤

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