How to KISS True Volume Lashes

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Let’s face it, falsies can be really hard to apply! But after reading through this easy step-by-step how to guide on applying lashes, you will be an expert!

  1. Prep your faslies by peeling the lashes off of their holder and press them gently to your eyelid to see if the lashes are too long for your eye shape and size. If the lashes are too long feel free to cut them on the longer lash end so that the length is more appropriate.
  2. An easy tip is to take your lash glue and draw a line on a scrap piece of paper.
  3. Take tweezers and pick up your lashes in the middle of the strip. Then slide the lash strip through the line of glue to make sure the entire strip is coated with a thin layer of lash glue.
  4. The biggest mistake most women make when applying lashes, is applying the glue to the lash strip then attempting to apply the lash to your eyelid right away. This is a big NO NO! After applying the lash glue to your strip let the glue dry a bit, I’d say around 15-20 seconds.
  5. Once you see that the glue is a bit tacky and not completely wet still, the lash is reading for going on your eyelids. The reason you let the glue become tacky first, is that if you were to apply the lashes to your lid right away the lash would slide around and not end up sticking to your lid in the original location you placed it on your eye.
  6. With glue coated lashes held by a pair of tweezers start by pressing the lash strip on the middle of your eyelid. Then with the tweezers secure the inner corner of the strip to your inner eyelid. Lastly, secure with your tweezers the outter section of the lashes as well.
  7. To finish this process I like to gently take my finger and press down on the lashes to make sure they are securely in place.

-Than tada! You have successfully places your set of new gorgeous false eyelashes! Enjoy!



-I received this product free to test, but my options are all my own 🙂


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