How to KISS True Volume Lashes

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Let’s face it, falsies can be really hard to apply! But after reading through this easy step-by-step how to guide on applying lashes, you will be an expert!

  1. Prep your faslies by peeling the lashes off of their holder and press them gently to your eyelid to see if the lashes are too long for your eye shape and size. If the lashes are too long feel free to cut them on the longer lash end so that the length is more appropriate.
  2. An easy tip is to take your lash glue and draw a line on a scrap piece of paper.
  3. Take tweezers and pick up your lashes in the middle of the strip. Then slide the lash strip through the line of glue to make sure the entire strip is coated with a thin layer of lash glue.
  4. The biggest mistake most women make when applying lashes, is applying the glue to the lash strip then attempting to apply the lash to your eyelid right away. This is a big NO NO! After applying the lash glue to your strip let the glue dry a bit, I’d say around 15-20 seconds.
  5. Once you see that the glue is a bit tacky and not completely wet still, the lash is reading for going on your eyelids. The reason you let the glue become tacky first, is that if you were to apply the lashes to your lid right away the lash would slide around and not end up sticking to your lid in the original location you placed it on your eye.
  6. With glue coated lashes held by a pair of tweezers start by pressing the lash strip on the middle of your eyelid. Then with the tweezers secure the inner corner of the strip to your inner eyelid. Lastly, secure with your tweezers the outter section of the lashes as well.
  7. To finish this process I like to gently take my finger and press down on the lashes to make sure they are securely in place.

-Than tada! You have successfully places your set of new gorgeous false eyelashes! Enjoy!



-I received this product free to test, but my options are all my own 🙂


Cetaphil® Moisturizing Cream Review

I received Cetaphil® Moisturizing Cream inside my Influenster Jingle VoxBox and was so exited to try it, for I have never tried this brand’s facial lotion before. Upon opening this cute little container I noticed how thick and creamy this lotion was. I decided to use it for a nigh time cream for my face. Before bed every night I wash my makeup off and then apply a generous amount of this good stuff all over my face and down my neck. In the mornings I have noticed an improvement in my skin’s smoothness and redness. I wakeup with soft to the touch skin without all those flaky dry patches that I usually tend to get in the colder season. If you are someone who gets constantly red or dry skin I would definitely recommend trying this facial moisturizer out. Another aspect I enjoy about this brand is the fact that the lotion did not contain any harsh chemicals, dyes, or perfumes which is a must for my super sensitive skin.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 7.16.08 PM.png

  • I received these products complimentary for testing purposes.

Seasonal Inspiration: Fall!


Anyone else love fall, more than any other season? Every year the second the air starts to turn slightly chilly and the leaves change color, I am ready for the fall! I look forward to big comfy sweaters, hot apple cider, and deep colored lipsticks. As well fall is my favorite season to dress for, as well as apply my makeup. For me summer is way too hot, and I just wanna be in shorts and a tank top with my hair back in a top knot. WInter here in New England calls for a puffer jacket and boots..All in all the fall season is just right and seems to be the perfect season for layering, wearing romantic colors, and being comfortable.

To kick off the new season one of my favorite things to do is troll around Pinterest and see what the latest seasonal makeup looks and fashion styles are. ere is some things I found I wanted to share in hopes it will ignite you fall mood as well! Plus a couple extra fun things I found…I swear I could be on Pinterest for hours at a time it!

Here are some rich colors I found, these girls have gorgeous hair! I love warm drown mixed in with blonde layers as well as bright red stripes on brunettes. 


Some pretty fall outfit ideas:

I love the mixture of this deep wine colored shirt, coffee scarf, and tan belt, these colors layered together looks just like the season and color changes of the trees. This kind of look would be perfect with a deep plum colored lipstick for the more daring makeup appliers.
This is a nice and easy look to put together. Especially when it’s chilly outside it is so comfy to just through on layers and leggings with boots. This is a cute look but will also keep the mood casual for school or just going out. The wool socks peeking out is a cute touch, as well as an interesting pendant to dress up the whole look.
Black leather looking boots and leggings are so sexy and flattering! For those darker nights or going out to dinner this vampy look is just plain gorgeous with a bit of edge. Her hair let loose and wavy with the black sun glasses is very classy looking, I just love this whole ensemble.  
I love these boots! They are from UGG of course, but they have a nice different quality about them. They look like the perfect mixture between moccasins and regular UGG boots without the classic fur. Included below is a link incase you want to check them out further!

These laced up wedge boots are adorable. They give off the same appeal as regular leather looking boots sept the wedge gives you an added couple of inches that will elongate your legs! This style of boot also makes your feet tend to look smaller, as well wedges are a lot easier to walk in as appose to heels!

Some Funky Fall Nail Polishes:


Deep plum colors are a fall must have as far as nail polishes go! The cool tone and dark finish is great for a fall color choice.


This matte royal blue polish is so regal and looks great with pale skin. I know personally I have very pale skin and burgundy fall colors don’t look very good with my skin tone; a color like this is a perfect option to bring out cool undertones in your skin!

Gorgeous Eye looks To Inspire you:


Sparkling coffee eyeshadow that will compliment any eye color. This eye is very wearable for a daytime look or a fancier outing you have to attend.


This look is beautiful! I love how how the light reflects off of this deep chocolate colored eyelid with slight twinges of gold and amber. This is a classic fall evening look.

Just for fun I thought I would share some fun fall goodies!

This Tinker Bell pumpkin is sooooo cute! I could never pull off something this great but I would like to try perhaps this Halloween.


Black toffee apples! These look pretty cool, very Maleficent inspired. These would be great for a different treat to bring to a party “Poisoned Toffee Apples”


New posts coming soon, if you enjoyed reading please be sure to follow my blog for more great posts to come! Feel free to comment down below if you like any of these fall looks, or wanna share any styles currently trending that you’re enjoying! I’d love to hear any ideas you guys have for future posts I could write, so any ideas would be very appreciated. Thank you so much for reading & Love always Pearlsnheels



I have absolutely been loving Influenster and all the wonderful products they have sent me for review. That being said I always give my honest opinion on products, because I want to let you know which are really worth your time and money.

If you don;t know Influenster is AMAZING! They have sent me so many goodies and I love using their site for writing product reviews and reading them! This week I got my VOW VOXBOX in the mail.

Here are the wonderful products!

EcoTools Pure Complexion Facial Sponge

I have been loving this product so much, it has changed the texture of my facial skin! I was skeptical at first because it felt like I was sent a packing peanut to rub on my face. Once you place the sponge in water and give it a few seconds to absorb the moisture it becomes an amazing soft and exfoliating sponge! I love how convenient in size it is and how it leaves my face baby soft and did not break out my sensitive skin.
6c05a760ba7c8ecb03a7d54fc943f053Olay Regenerist Tone Perfect Cream

This was an amazing product to receive, especially because this is a pricy facial moisturizer. Once I tried it I realized why it retails for a higher price! It leaves your skin with a healthy dewy finish. My skin has never felt better than wit using this lotion. It does not have any harsh smells or perfumes. I love to wash my face and then apply this all over before I go to sleep for some deep moisturizing from this summer heat.



I have never owned one of this, but have always wanted to! I am so clumsy and always manage to spill something on myself, so when I received this I almost couldn’t wait for my next mishap to try my new spot cleaning pen out!


Pure Silk Shave Cream

This was a great size sample of shaving cream, and worked really well with my leg shaver. It foamed up very well, but smelt honestly way to much like chemical fruit. However it did not leave them smelling that way, so I can still use it without a problem.


Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure

I love this nail polish so much! It is a gorgeous Tiffany Blue color! I would compare it to CHina Glaze’s “For Audrey” except it is more of a lighter Robin’s egg blue. One coat of this nail polish was fully opaque, and finished as if it had a glossy topcoat.


Thank you so much for reading and love always Pearlsnheels 🙂





After Christmas Shopping Haul! Target and Bath & Body!

Hey ladies, so of course after Christmas we must all run out and go shopping with our Christmas money! Or do what I do and spend most of it on hot chocolates and gas money lol. But, I went out and bought some really cute things from Target and Bath and Body. Both those stores are my favorites to go in when I am shopping, I always go in being like “I’ll just spend $25” but, I end up leaving and being like “How did I spend $100 on lotion and socks?!”

I went to Target and picked up some really adorable organizers for my makeup vanity! I am someone who puts all the makeup on and just tosses it on my desk with no organization at all. So, I decided to pick up some little bins and holders to give my vanity a more professional clean look. Get this, I bought all these little cute holders below, all for $1 each! When you walk into Target they have a little $1 section, and you can find all these little containers there currently. I think they are a great bargain, and are good enough quality to hold my makeup brushes, lip glosses, and other cosmetic extras! They had a lot of different colors, but I went with the pink and white holders, so I would have some sort of theme. Below, I also have a picture of my makeup vanity, which is basically is an Ikea desk, and a giant mirror with a lamp. Haha pretty make-shift, but I prefer this set up, I have had real vanity tables in the past and they are too small! Using an actual desk allows me to spread out my stuff when using it 🙂 If you guys want a post about how I organize my makeup and my vanity desk let me know in the comments down below, and I’ll be sure to write one.



From Bath and Body, I got lots of goodies! I went there this week during their semiannual sale! They have lots of great deals, and a million products to buy for super cheap after the holidays. Seriously this is a warning, it is dangerous to go there if you don’t have much money on you, I got a little carried away…


Below, I picked up the Cashmere Glow shimmer Bomb, which is so incredible! It is a gel that you can rub onto your arms, legs, etc. and it is completely filled with different shimmery colored reflects. It also has a “glow” due to it’s slightly golden finish. This gel looks absolutely gorgeous on any skin tone, and smells amazing! After the sale discount, I got it for $3, which is an awesome deal for 6 oz of product. Next to it in the picture, is the Aromatherapy Sleep Lotion. I, like any other 20 year old, am a huge night owl. It takes me a lot of rolling around and starring at the ceiling in order to fall asleep at night. This lotion appealed to me, because I needed a new lotion and now I found one that aids in sleeping.  It claims that the honey and milk scent has a warm cinnamon and clove oil that promotes comfort and rest. Whether it actually helps me to sleep or not, the lotion is a great consistency; not greasy or sticky. It finishes smooth and silky, and has a very nice smell reminding me of fall; very warm and rich. The bottle itself is dark blue glass, and is very finely packaged. This lotion is originally $14 and After the sale I got it for $7!


Next I picked up this True Blue Spa Apricot and White Tea facial scrub. I am obsessed with face products right now, and was really excited to pick up this product! I love this brand, and every product I have tried from them I have really loved! Their lotions are so incredible, and they have a pretty good selection of products at Bath and Body. Definitely check them out, if your looking for any good skin care products. I have already tried this out and the scrub is very coarse so you have to be gentle when cleansing your skin. But, it left my face incredibly smooth and clean feeling. It also smells really good, which is obviously important to me :p Next to it in the picture is by the same brand and it is the True Blue Spa Unscented Shea Butter. As I said, their lotions work better than any I have ever tried before, including high end products. This tube is a pretty good size at 6 oz, I will probably end up using it as my purse lotion, I love to use this stuff on my hands to moisturize. I like that they offers scented and non scented lotions. My skin is very sensitive, but I don’t need to worry about this lotions having any harsh scents that might irritate my skin. As well, if you have perfume, scented shampoo, etc. It is nice to have a lotion for your body thats scent won’t interfere with the scent of your other products. I bought both of these on sale for $3 a piece, which is phenomenal considering they are normally around $15 per bottle.


That’s all for today, let me guys know in the comments below if you hit up the Bath and Body sale and what goodies you got! The sale doesn’t end at a certain date, it runs till supplies run out which is great, and dangerous for my wallet lol. Or you can comment on any of these products if you have tried them and love or not so much love them. If you have any questions about my makeup vanity or how I organize it feel free to ask as well 🙂 Thank you guys so much for reading, please remember to like this post and my page, also follow me for more blog posts! Love Always Pearlsnheels ❤

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Just got my JollyVoxBox in! Yay Christmas Samples!

Just got my JollyVoxBox in! Yay Christmas Samples!

Just got all my free Christmas samples in, in my Jolly Vox Box from
I got Skinny Cow Peanut butter chocolates, and NYC EYeshadow Trio in 781 Long Beach Sands, Some cute artsy paint splatter Ducktape, Rimmel London Show Off Lip Lacquer in 101 Celestial, and Puffs Plus Lotion tissues! What a cute box, and I am very pleased with the lipgloss and eyeshadow. Thanks Influenster!

Upcoming Posts!

Hey ladies, here is a sneak peak of up coming posts I will be adding this month, just to give you an idea of future things to read. 🙂

  • A Jollybox View, the Influenster Box I just received; opening + review
  • Christmas Makeup + Outfit look; Tutorial + pics
  • DIY Last minute Christmas Gifts
  • Makeup look staring the December Ipsy bag Products
  • New and Revised hair care update! How my hair has grown past my boobs 😉 from dead, damaged, and bleached
  • Current Skin Care; toners, lotions, primers, Witch Hazel, etc.!
  • Best Learned Beauty Tips!

Stay tuned to my channel for upcoming goodies! I look forward to sharing a lot this month with you guys, and can’t wait to enjoy all your posts as well! 🙂 Happy Holidays!