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Hair Of The Day: The 5 min. High Bun Tutorial


Want the look? This is a perfect look for when you don’t have a lot of time in the morning but still want to look somewhat put together for school, work, or going out with friends. This look is clean and classy looking, and perfect for those days when you want to skip the shower and your hair looks pretty dull. If you would like to see more posts on how to hair styles, let me know in the comments below! 🙂 If you want to see how I achieved this look then keep on scrolling. Please remember to like this post and follow me for some more lovin’. Thanks for reading and love always Pearlsnheels ❤

What you will need to complete this hair style:

#1) Some bobby pins, I used around 10 of them 

#2) Dry Shampoo 

#3) An Elastic band 

#3) A comb 

#4) A Bun sponge

#5) Some Hair


For this look you will need a bun sponge, I picked mine up from Clairs for about $5. I did not show the sponge in the picture above, because it was already in my hair :p So here is an image of one just so you know what I am talking about!


If you do not have one or don’t want to spend the cash, you can get a similar look with a sock bun, made at home. There are millions of videos on this on Youtube you can check out for how to make/use one.

  1. To achieve this look, first comb through your hair. Release all the tangles and twists and smooth those strands out! I like to use day old unwashed hair for this look, because it seems to stay up on my head better, without any loose fly aways!
  2. Take your dry shampoo and spray some at the roots of your crown and sides of your head around your ears. Let the dry shampoo sit for a minutes, then work it into your hair.
  3. After the dry shampoo is applied to your hair, come through and start teasing! You can use a regular comb if you don’t own a teasing brush, and just give yourself a little bit of volume on the top of your head. This is just an extra quick step to give your up do a fuller effect.
  4. Now, pull your hair up on top of your head and secure it with an elastic band, preferably one that matches your hair color.
  5. Slide the hair doughnut or sponge onto the pony tail and down to the base of your head. It is better to use a sponge that matches your hair color incase any strands get loose and you can see the sponge.
  6. Spread the hair evenly over the top of the bun making sure it is completely covering the top of the doughnut.
  7. There are two ways of finishing this look.
  • You can use a hair elastic and just wrap that around the hair hat is over the bun. This is a cleaner tighter looking bun, and is faster! You can then take the excess pieces and wrap them around the base of the bun and secure with a hair color matching bobby pin.
  • OR the way I created my bun; After the hair was layed over the top of the bun evenly I took my hair and took the first front small section and pushed it up a little bit to give it volume and bobby pined it to the base of the bun. This way the hair is not tightly wrapped around the bun, but just hovering over it so the bun looks fuller. Continue doign this with each chunk of hair; grabbing, pushing up, and pinning it until you have done this with all the hair. Then takign all the strands extra and twirl them tight around your finger then wrap it around the base of the bun and bobby pin it in the back, that is how I acheived the spiral effect shown int he picture below.

8. To complete your look, you can add some hair spray for lasting hold if you would like, or take a small comb and smooth back the front of the hair do to make every thing look clean and elegant.