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Tips to Surviving Commuting to College!

Okay…this is not a beauty post…but in my personal experience with being a college kid commuting back and forth from home to school, these simple tricks and changes really have made college easier on me! :0 I am half way done with college and so far, it has definitely been a challenge commuting! Part of my really wishes I were living on campus, but it is not really in the cards for me and can’t reason with my self to spend 10 k extra each year to live in a 2 by 2 dorm instead of my nice big comfy room back home. I shouldnt complain it’s only a 30 minute commute, but one of the hardest things about traveling to college, is that I still feel like I am in high school. I wake up early…go to school and come home :/ I don’t feel like a college kid being all social and having fun, but hay it’s the life of a full time college commuter with 2 jobs lol. Any commuters out there finding it is hard to make friends? Sure I have many friends in my classes and I am pretty social, but it is not like I go out and explore campus with the girls, go get dinner, or what not…I go home to my family :/ But, all in all I am saving money, and really focusing on school over a social life I guess. What are you guy’s experiences with being a college commuter?


Here are some Tips!

  • Time Management! Theee most important tip. Get an agenda…write down all your classes, homework, assignments and get organized. There is no way you can manage college properly without having a managed schedule, especially if you work or internship as well.
  • Be Prepared. I always make sure, the night before each school day I have my clothes laid out with my backpack and purse, filled with everything I need for the day. DO bring assignments and extra paper, Don’t bring your whole room in your bag! I learned this the hard way…I would be traveling across campus on buses with a purse, lunch bag, art portfolio, backpack, plus other crap. Simplify your belongings as much as you can! If you can find a locker or are given one, use that opportunity! Store whatever you don’t need at home, and any heavy textbooks you can leave at school so they aren’t weighing you down. Remember to lock your locker, people are devious…See if you can share textbooks with your friends, this will save money, and weight in your bag! Being a commuter, you may not have time to go to your car or home, so what you have on you is what you are carrying all day long. ca934612c81b8d822b0f6021564e5b0d
  • Planning for weather can be a life saver…keeping a pair of rain boots and an umbrella in your car or locker just in case can change a day of soaking wet paints and scary hair into an okay walk across campus in the rain :p
  • Save Money. College is expensive enough already. You can really save money in little ways that add up to a lot. If you are driving in to school, consider car pooling. The parking spot fee and gas can break the bank, so see if there is a car pooling discount and drive in with your buddies!
  • Love Coffee? Skip Starbucks…Even Dunks is cheaper, or invest in a coffee maker…Trust me $7 Java Ship Fraps add up….If you love energy drinks, don’t spend $4 at a vending machine on campus, buy them at home where you can find them cheap at a store.
  • Packing a Lunch. If you don’t having a meal plan like other college kids…pack a lunch. I know it is totally middle school but buying food from your school’s cafeteria everyday will make you poor. Just throwing some fruit, chips, and sandwich in your bag and maybe a red bull will definitely be worth it.
  • Bring water and Chapstick…for some reason those are the best two things I have in my bag…I ALWAYS NEED THEM lol
  • Use your breaks wisely. If you have any breaks between your classes, work on some homework. Because I commute, I don’t want to do anything when I get home lol So on my breaks I snack and work on any homework, so when I get home I can mostly just relax and not worry about anything else! Besides, when you’re at school they have all the resources you need like the library, computers, and workspaces.
  • Give yourself time in the morning…Nobody likes being the smell kid in class who forgot to print out their paper on the day it was due….Give yourself enough time to gather your school stuff, print out a paper last minute, wash your face and brush your teeth. Trust me it relieves a lot of stress knowing you are prepared, looking somewhat decent, and have all your homework. This goes a long with sleep…driving, commuting, going across campus take energy not to mention actual class…being well rested, somewhat, is a must. 0c07a7577343de766dc0c8ee26f9aa06
  • Have Fun. Commuting and making friends can be tough…Look into your school and check out some clubs, events, and activities. Even getting a work credit, is a way to meet other students and earn some cash! Attending on campus sports events, fairs, and clubs or music groups will help you get out there and enjoy college without living at college.

I really hope these tips helped you guys out if any of you are experiencing commuting as I am! 🙂 Let me know what your tips are for college in general in the comments below! 🙂 Like for more college tips and posts! Thank you guys so much for reading, Love Pearlsnheels ❤

You can also check out Pinterest…Just type in college commuter and click search and there is a million great articles! 🙂