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MORE RANDOMNESS…Help me choose a phone case?!

So this is so random, I know, but I just bought a new phone for myself, and I want to buy a cute case for it. There are so many amazing looking ones out there, that I simply can’t choose! I have narrowed it down to a couple of my favorites, and was wondering if you could comment and tell me which one I should get. I know this isn’t a huge life changing decision, but hay money is money, and I really can’t choose they are all so amazing! :0 and I really shouldn’t buy more than one lol Ain’t nobody got money fo’ dat’!

Many people think animal cases are bulky and weird looking, which they are, but I have picked up the fever for them. They are so cute and fun, and are actually very protective of your phone because they cover so much with a thick plastic.

I will appreciate any feedback, and would love some help choosing, I am a tech junkie so I love getting all the bells and whistles for my electronics :p

Here is the one’s I want…now which one should I get?

Pooh Bear?


Pink Minnie Mouse?


Cute Little Stitch?


Nerdy Hello Kitty?

Or should I get a pretty crystal case like this one?



P.S If you guys have the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, let me know what you think about the phone and if you like it! 🙂

Thanks for reading, and the help! Love always Pearlsnheels ❤