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How To Get White Teeth + Products I Use


Hello there darlings! Here is what I use to have and maintain a white smile! My teeth are a little crooked and what not, but we all aren’t blessed with perfect teeth. I lately have been working hard to whiten them, so I figured I would share what I have been doing and using lately! 🙂

Some other tips for white teeth and overall good oral health:

  • Remember coffee, blueberries, and wine will stain your pearly whites! :0
  • Drink through a straw to avoid as harsh staining
  • Always brush your tongue and lips to ensure good smelling breath and flake free lips!
  • Visit your dentist 🙂
  • Be kind to your teeth, they are sensitive and once you loose your enamel, it is gone forever. Trust me I know, I smashed my face on a jungle gym when a child and now my right front tooth in the picture above is fake!
  • Don’t brush right after eating a meal….Strangely enough this can cause cavities! If you eat something sugary the sugar can sit on your teeth then be ground in with a toothbrush. Wait at least an hour after eating, then brush you teeth, because the sugar will have been dissolved already.
  • Mouth wash is a great way to kill extra bacteria and leave you with fresh breath
  • Got painful wisdom teeth? I know how you feel I had all mine taken out at once. It is better to do so than not! If you have four molars pushing in to your mouth and can permanently push your teeth together and cause them to overlap, get crooked, and be deformed. Also can cause rotting! 😮
  • Eating an apple can be a great way to floss your teeth!
  • If you can’t afford a tooth whitener, most are filled with peroxide. Yup! That’s right, the stuff in a brown bottle from under neath your b room sink that burns your cuts! You can, and safely, wish this around your mouth and spit out for the same and inexpensive effect as Crest strips and tooth whitening gel!

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A good Toothbrush is major. Mine is in a little piggy head! :0 It is a Colgate 360 Floss TIp Toothbrush!


To Whiten, I use and adore Arm and Hammer Whitening Booster Gel that you can just add a little bit to your brush when brushing your teeth to whiten them. I also use Plus White 5 Minute Whitening Gel. This stuff is amazing, you apply it just for 5 minutes and it instantly whitens my smile and removes any staining!


A good tooth paste always helps! I use Crest Complete with Extra Whitening


To keep my teeth free of tarter build up and looking beautiful I use Oral B Glide Floss


How To Grow Your Hair Out Long: Tips! 10 Steps To Save Your Strands!


A year and a half ago I had been an avid bleach using hair damager. I would get my haired bleached at the salon about every six weeks, and dry and damage it to the inch of its’ life. I would, on top of everything else, blow dry, straighten, curl, and tease my poor hair. One day upon looking down at my split ends and thinning hair, decided I want to grow out my hair healthy. This takes time, there is no miracle cure for damaged unhealthy hair, but if you really want to commit yourself, you will be very happy with the results! If you would like to learn how I did it, then keep reading 🙂

Tips On How I Changed The Life Of My Hair!

Some of these may be too much for you, or be too hard to stick to, but even just changing a few things can definitely help.

#1.  Drink water, and LOTS of it. Not only will you see a huge difference in your skin and nails, you hair will be hydrated as well. Water runs our body, so the more we have the better.

#2. Don’t shower every day. I was one of those people who showered every single morning because my hair felt greasy to me. Which, actually showering everyday makes your hair greasier, because your body is producing more oil because of the shampoo that is drying your hair out every day. Once you let you hair slow down, and shower every other day or every couple of days your hair will naturally go longer without needing to be washed. Between days, if you feel like you really need to wash your hair use some dry shampoo! This can be a savior and make your hair appear as if it was just washed, make your hair smell good, and give it volume! I like using the Suave dry shampoo.

#3. Watch out for what’s in your shampoo and conditioners. Sulfates and parabens are the devil to your hair! These ingredients are what makes your shampoo nice and soapy, but in reality strip your hair as well as causing dryness and color loss for people who have color treated hair. The more natural and organic your shampoo can get the better I personally enjoy cleansing conditioners, such as the one from Salon Graphics, they make your hair super soft and full of moisture.

#4. Take your vitamins. Your hair needs nutrients to grow, so make sure you are feeding it! I take biotin every single day, taking Bitoin also helps your hair and nails be healthy as well. You can also take Folic Acid, this provides your hair with a whole bunch of good nutrients it needs as well. Make sure you are having plenty of proteins as well; chicken, eggs, nuts, ect. Your hair needs protein to grow, and grow fast! Also, massage oil into your ends! There are countless Youtube videos out there about using coconut oil, and for good reason. Coconut oil can actually penetrate the shaft of your hair and work to smoothen your ends out, preventing breakage and damage. This stuff really is a miracle in a jar. I also like to use argan oil, on my ends after a shower to keep them tangle free.

#5. Give your scalp and hair some loving! I give my scalp a massage all the time. Massaging your scalp stimulates your hair follicles and kick them in to high gear, making them grow faster, this affect can also be done by using a mint shampoo. #6. No more brushing your hair. Brushes rip out your hair and isn’t very good for it. I am a comb only kind of girl now. I work through tangles gently at the ends and work my way up to my scalp slowly straightening it out to prevent any further harm to my strands of hair.

#7. Wear your hair up as often as you can. When your hair is hanging down around your shoulders, it can ketch on things and pull out. Every look down and notice hair on your jacket? That is all the lost souls! lol But avoid bobby pins and elastics with metal if you can, these can hurt your hair as well. I like to use scrunchies, even if it is a little bit seventies, and I always put my hair up at night when sleeping.

#8. Avoid the hot tools and dyes 😦 As much as you can… I know it’s hard to not constantly be changing your hair color, and give your self bouncy curls, or pin straight hair, but think about it you are literally pressing 300 degree metal against your sad ends :/ haha once in a while is okay, but try to be good to your hair. Also, it is much better to let your hair naturally air dry if you can manage, so you aren’t blow drying it dry then using a hot tool.  Also, if you must use heat make sure to use a heat protectant like the Tresseme Hair Protectant Spray. When it comes to hair dye I always would be dying my hair and wondered why it took forever to grow a cm. Since I have let my hair go to its’ natural color and haven’t touched it with dye it has grown ten times faster, but it’s all up to what you want your hair to look like.

#9. Trims? Bologna. Unless your ends are very split and damaged, then yes you need to trim off the damage and start fresh. But if you take care of your hair, then you should have horrible split ends and damage, so there is no need for trim. Think about it, every time you go for a trim you are just cutting off every inch you tried so hard to grow. Your hair grows from your scalp not your ends.

#10. Avoid the bad stuff. Some things just don’t go with hair growth, and certainly won’t help you in the process. STRESS…stress can even promote hair loss! So get a Coke Zero and relax to some Rihanna haha. Try and steer clear of chlorine, swimming is a summer must, but if you have to you can help your hair out by working some conditioner into the ends before hand, or Ion sells a spray that protects your hair, and hair color from damage done by the chlorine. Extensions are amazing, long hair instantly! But letting your hair grow naturally is a good way to go, sharp heavy clips and glue only holds your hair down and can cause balding patches! :0 Even some medications can cause hair loss or thinning so it is always good to check what you are putting in your body.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post! Thank you so much for reading, please like and follow me for more Lovin’ 🙂 Comment and let me know what you do to take care of your hair, as well if you have any questions on my process! I am thinking about writing a post on all the products I use on my hair, let me know what you think! I am not a salon professional or anything this is just what I do and works for me. Love always Pearlsnheels ❤ 

This is what My hair looked like before when it was platinum and severally damaged and thin: (I am on the right)164793_181557645212509_4675310_n