Wish List <3

Soo…Basically I saw a girl do this on her blog and thought it was a super cute idea! Here is where I will post all the products I have been seriously wanting to try out! I think this is a cool idea because if you guys have tried out any of these products before you can give me the heads up with your opinions on them if they are a must have or a definite waste of money! lol I ca also look back at this page, and see what I have been wanting for a while and keep at as motivation for what I should save for! Please comment and let me now what you think about any of these products, I would love some feedback, who knows some could wind up on your own wish list! (:

#1 The Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki Makeup Brush

Oh man this looks like it would just make my makeup look FLAWLESS :0

sigma f80 flat top kabuki 01

#2 The Sephora Purple Heated Eyelash Curler

Hopefully it will not make my eyelashes crispy!


#3 Nars “Turkish Delight”

Weirdo reasoning: The movie Narnia, they eat turkish delights….and this is what Kim Kardashian wears (terrible reasoning) I have always wanted to have this! :0


#4 Benefit Hoola Bronzer

Girl I wanna’ be lookin’ contoured!



I have ALWAYS wanted to try this! You can use this foundation as is, or add a drop to your foundation to make it lighter. I have the fairest skin ever, and all my foundations are too dark or orange for my skin, even the foundations claiming to be porcelain colored :p This stuff is literally white pigmented, so would be perf! 🙂


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